Fireside Chats Issue 83: Who Framed Baby Huey!?

Hrrmmpphhh mmrrrphhh hrmmphh...hrree....eeello hello hello! Mendte has broke loose from his captors and is ready for some vengeance.  Who kidnapped him? Who bound and gagged him? Who made him listen to Justin Bieber on repeat?!  With Baby Huey mysteriously absent on this issue it doesn't look good for our favorite guest host.  In the meantime check out Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Feature as they dive into news and rumors of the moment.  We  have some interesting Spiderman trivia and some Harley Quinn April Fools gags on the comic front.  TV is getting the return of everyone's favorite Speedster and Emerald archer, but what do they have in store for us?  Deadpool is too violent for China and Ryan Reynolds says that Wesley Snipes is his Daddy.  All this and much much more.  Welcome to Fireside.