Fireside Chats Issue 81: Mendte's Day Off

Hello...Hello...Hel...Hahahahahaha! Firesiders rejoice! The sidekicks have taken control! Mr. Maurer and Features have recruited Baby Huey and hijacked Fireside studios. Meanwhile Mendte is now residing in Springfield as Marge's third sister.  Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey take full advantage of this and go right into the news.  We Have Marvel killing heroes and bringing some back, some sad Stan Lee news, Supergirl tries to take over our feed with tons of Supergirl news, Mr. Maurer gets giddy with Kevin Smith news, we find out what shows are dead and which are being born anew, as well as tons of movie news from Ininity War to Gambit, to Deadpools date night conversion.  All that and much much more. Welcome to Fireside.