Fireside Chats Issue 78: New Year's Countdown

6...5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year Firesiders! As everyone starts looking forward to their New Year's Resolutions and reflects on 2015 we thought we'd have our own little count down.  It seems that there is always a list or a ranking going on at the Fireside camp and for our New Year's Special we gathered a few of our favorites and put them together.  You have our first ever list from Issue 5 "Avengers Assemble" where Mendte, Maurer, and Features each pick a 6 member Avengers team.  Then there is our all time favorite Marvel Movie list with Felix from the Emergent Gamer from Issue 41 "Fireside's Top 5's".  Followed by Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features favorite baddies from Issue 49 "Villainous".  All that plus hear which Issues ranked on the tops of the Fireside teams lists.  Happy New Year and Welcome to Fireside.