Fireside Chats Issue 73: Darth Jar Jar v Snake Pliskin

The force is strong Firesiders.  Join the Fireside we have comics.  Mendte and Mr. Maurer hold down the fort as Features fights his newest super villain H1N1.  The master Jedi recruit a new Padawan host in Baby Huey.  Together the searched the galaxy for news and came back with more news than Anakin had Midi-Chlorians.  They cover the Iron Fist casting calls, new casting in Gotham and Supergirl, Mendte fangirls about the 12 Days of Deadpool, Mr. Maurer's Stan Lee collection may be going up in value, Andy Serkis reveals his role to Conan, flus all kinds of New 52 and other comic news.  So grab your light saber and may the Fireside be with you.