Fireside Chats Issue 63: Chew-a-tell Itch-e-ah-four

Issue 63 lame

Hello Firesiders.  Have no fear.  Issue 63 is here.  Mendte and Mr. Maurer welcome back Features from Earth 2.  He comes to us bearing all kinds of Geeky news.  The guys get started with confirmation of Deadpool's Pansexual confirmation in the movie and how Ryan Reynolds impersonation of Hugh Jackman is spot on during reshoots.  Hear all about James Gunn and Bradely Cooper contradicting each other and Mr. Maurer pull a John Travolta on an actor in a recent set pic.  Supergirl may need some help to save her own show while everyone is excited to see Kristen Ritter in Jessica Jones.  All of this plus some Spawn news on this issue of Fireside.  Welcome to Fireside.