Fireside Chats Issue 33: No Ants Were Harmed Recording This Issue

Ladies and Gentlemen in this corner with a combined weight of over 800 LBS....Fire! Side! Chats! Their opponent, weighing in at a ton and a half.....The News!  Special Guest Referee Josh "Locke and Key" Weiss will make sure it's a clean fight on this issue of Fireside Chats.  Your tag team trio of Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Baby Huey take on more WWE & Stephen Amell news,  Tyrese finally gaining headway on Green Lantern, New Animated TV shows, Paul Rudd's heartbreaking announcement and Mendte's most anticipated comic this year.  All this and your favorite nonsensical witty banter all on the latest issue of Fireside Chats.


PS - No Ants Were Harmed Recording This Issue.  Welcome to Fireside.