Fireside Chats Issue 177: Return of the Geek Guys

We're back Firesiders! Just like Luke Skywalker we spent our time away becoming masters at our craft.... Ok we really just spent it catching up on our read piles and playing lots of retro games.  But the one thing that is true is that Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features are back with tons of news for you.  The guys start off reflecting on some sad events that left a lasting impact in our galaxy as well as a galaxy far far away.  Then jump into some comic news that has everyone talking.  Scarlet Spider is back with a brand new costume, Marvel teases a new event, Deadpool picks a fight with Punisher and Geoff Johns hints at what could be the most talked about comic rumor of 2017.  In TV the guys have lots of Arrow-verse news and a teaser that leaves Mr. Maurer just confused.  With movies there is some rumors of a certain superhero movie being a shoe in for an award and a suprising nomination for another.  All this and more, Welcome to Fireside!