Fireside Chats Issue 151: Fireside Fight Club - Suicide Squad

The first rule of Fireside Fight Club is...damn it.  We already broke the first rule.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Feature are joined by Baby Huey in their first night at Fireside Fight Club.  Since it's their first night, they have to fight.  Your fearless Fireside Hosts try to do the unthinkable. Take down the Suicide Squad.  So in this issue the guys first pick out which members of the "Skwad" they are about to go up against.  Then being as they don't have any super powers each team member gets to choose one weapon from the comic world.  Finally it's go time.  Using their newly found weapons, how the hell will they take down an elite group of maniacs and murderers? Or will they fall victim to their own team member's master plan?  So come cheer on your Fireside team in the first ever "Fireside Fight Club"! Welcome to Fireside.