Fireside Chats Issue 145: Super Rumor Squad

News Flash! News Flash! Well...Rumor Flash! Hello Firesiders the boys are back and they brought a metric crap-ton of rumors for you to dive into.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features have a little bit of confirmed news such as two classic characters being Killed in Spiderman #17, Happy Hogan returning to the big screen, and fans petitioning for a Thor & D TV show.  But the real fun is the rumors.  There are rumors about Cyborg's solo movie, Teen Titans role in the DCEU, Nightwing, Casting for Deathstroke, The plot and characters for Man of Steel 2, Green Lanterns upcoming DCEU debut, Aquaman plot and casting, WB wants an actor from Wayne's World as their villain, Batman's foes for his standalone movie and the future for DC TV! All these rumors and more! Welcome to Fireside!