Fireside Chats Issue 144: The Last Golden Ticket

Raise a glass of Fizzy Lifting Drink and toast to one of the all time greats.  Before we dive into our normally scheduled Issue of Fireside Chats we pay tribute to Gene Wilder.  An Actor who never lost sight of the magic that makes us laugh.

Hello, hello, hello! Issue 144 finds Mendte and Mr. Maurer in a world without Gene Wilder and a show missing Features.  This time he conquered late shift but couldn't stop the evil "Sniffles" from attacking his Queen.  So Baby Huey joins the guys as they talk about all your favorite topics.  In the comic world DC gives the Flash something his never had, Marvel has a chance of topping sales once again, Image hires a moving company, and shocking Nighthawk news!  Movie news has Ben Afleck impersonating Ryan Reynolds with his Deadpool like leak, Flash may be getting script help form Spiderman 3 and Batman & Robin, ancient evil may be coming to Doctor Strange, Thor checks in from Australia, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt pisses off Mendte. In the TV world there are NINJAS, Kirman and NBC's original Walking Dead SVU, and new developments of the Flash.  All this and more Welcome to Fireside.

"I've become pretty philosophical about a lot of things, including death. It doesn't get to me. I'm married to the woman I love, and I've done a lot of the things I wanted to do. At this point, the way I feel, if it's over, it's over. - Gene Wilder"