Fireside Chats Issue 142: 99 Beeps, But Negan Aint One

The band is back together! Welcome Firesiders to Issue 142.  Fireside is fully assembled with Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features bringing you all the latest news and rumors.  Starting off with comics the guys talk about how Marvel is gaining some STEAM this fall, Iron Man's new name, Penn Gillette's firs foray into the comic world, new number ones, and the Salute to Jack Kirby!  In TV Land we have a possible Avenger coming to Agents of Shield, Legends of Tomorrow and the deaths that impact them, Spider-Gwens Animated Debut, and some Beepin' Negan news!  The silver screen has some great topics as well with Henry Cavill and his latest hair style, Thor: Ragnarok and it's rumored cameo, Holy Batman Trailer, and Stan The Man talks Zendaya! All this and more! Welcome to Fireside.