Fireside Chats Issue 136: Zack Snarfer

Greetings Fireside Faithful! The boys are back and they are ready to geek out! Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features have an issue so chock full of news that they had turn it up to 11! In this extended Fireside Chat the guys talk about the latest comic news about George Lucas' art purchase and Batman's homage to All Star Superman.  TV has set photos and appearances of The Tick, Superman, and Colton Haynes.  As well as news on Supergirl's Calista Flockhart and Grant Gustin's Flashpoint confirmation.  But it's the Movies category that gets serious.  There is news about Guardians of the Galaxy 2's plot, Yondu's Mohawk, Dr. Strange's jewelry choices, Hawkeye's doubts, and a metric crap ton of Suicide Squad news.  So sit back, press play, and Welcome to Fireside.