Emergent Media Hour Broadcast 9: Guess who's back!

No transmitting EMH Broadcast 9! Mr. Josh Weiss rejoins Mendte and Felix to round out the hosts for this broadcast.  The boys dive deep into our four pillars and find all of the news that you want to hear about.  Whether you want movie news such as Silent Bob's pending demise or the inside scoop into Cloverfield II. Or if you are into TV and want to hear all about Andy Samberg's free advertising for HBO or the EMH take on Taken getting a TV show.  Not to be out done video game talk is deep into Donkey Kong's high score being knocked off twice in one day and a possible creepy VR flirting game.  Finally Mendte brings the world of comics to life with Booster Gold and some huge Fireside news.  All these topics and much much more on the Emergent Media Hour.