EG Presents 42: Co-Host Trabb Over There


On this post Labor Day, Episode 42 we had to talk the upcoming Taken King DLC for Destiny. This episode was also TV heavy in lieu of the announcement of a new show at the Emergent Media Network, as of yet named. Our favorite friend and guest, Trabb, will be hosting his own show with a focus on the television landscape. We also talk the "voyeurship" of the modern era with all these services that allow people to watch other people. We recall CKY, Jackass and the shows that amplified our obsession with watching people and "reality TV." Trabb and Felix also talk retro TV and finding old clips on Youtube, Wonder Showzen, and more. Our news focuses primarily on some recent Destiny lawsuits, Metal Gear 5, Pikmin 4, and Ellen Page. Please like Emergent Media Network, Emergent Gamer Podcast, Fireside Chats and Felix Hergood on Facebook. Look forward to the new television based show by Trabb. Follow Felix @felixhergood, Trabb @trabb and Carrot @theurbancarrot on Twitter.