We're the Walking Dead Episode 5: A STORY PEOPLE ARE GONNA TELL

**SPOILERS** **You Have been warned**

Sam: “Mom..”

The rest of the world: “SHUT UP KID! He is so going to die.” 

     Welcome back to the wold of Walkers, Negans, and now Bazookas! Mendte from Fireside Chats, and Locke from The Emergent Gamer Podcast are back for another issue of We’re The Walking Dead (Finally). On this issue we break down the comic, issues 150 and 151, and our disappointment with hype man Kirkman. We also go into detail about last weeks Mid Season Opener. It. Had. Everything. Sprinkle a little news in there and its as good to us as Carl with a tongue in his eye. So slather on some Walker guts and join us! **SPOILERS**