Emergent Media Hour Broadcast 6: Midnight. Baseball Bats and Boogeymen

In broadcast 6 of the Emergent Media Hour, we dedicate the show to Wes Craven. We reminisce about the spooky films he's made and the impact he had on our youth. We also talk a lot of interesting news from the 4 pillars. Some highlights include: special Elite Xbox consoles coming, Destiny Taken King release, Deadpool video game port for Xbox One, Galaxy Quest the show, Borderlands the movie, the new show Narcos about Pablo Escobar, Fear the Walking Dead and more. Please like the Emergent Media Network, Emergent Gamer Podcast, Fireside Chats, and Felix Hergood on Facebook. Follow Josh @locke_key, Felix @felixhergood and Trabb @trabb on twitter. Also, look ahead for a new show the EMN that Trabb will be producing with a focus on the pillar of Television. Also, listen on soundcloud and iTunes.