EG Presents 43: Light Level 420

In episode 43, we talk Bungie's new expansion for Destiny called The Taken King. The game was released Tuesday to quite a fanfare. When you record a podcast with this many fans of a game, episodes need to be dedicated. Spoiler alert: If you're not a super fan of Destiny, this episode may lose you. However, if you are being consumed by the light. If you are combating Oryx's hordes of The Taken on a daily basis. Or better yet... if you're curious about buying the game... listen on. We talk tactics, hints and some secrets. We also reflect upon the great new story content and voice acting. We talk about the state of PVP and PVE in the game. We marvel in the glory of DLC material that's better than the vanilla game. If you like what you hear please follow @emergent_gamer on twitter and like Emergent Gamer on Facebook. Also, like Fireside Chats, The Emergent Media Network and Felix Hergood on Facebook. Follow @felixhergood, @theurbancarrot, @locke_key and @tripzer0 on twitter. Send feedback. Tweet @ us.