EG Presents 37: And Then There Were Two

In episode 37, Locke and Felix talk GTA inception, Crackdown, Dave Jones and APB: Reloaded. They also talk the Arkham Universe and convergence between the game and the DCCU. Felix also goes paranoid and discovers connections between GTA and the current season of True Detective. They also talk the upcoming Sony exclusive title Everybody's Gone to Rapture and its connection to the HBO show The Leftovers. They also talk about the upcoming Destiny DLC The Taken King and the "Moments of Triumph." Please check out past EG Presents episodes if you like this one, Fireside Chats, Emergent Media Hour and We're the Walking Dead. Follow Locke @locke_key and Felix @felixhergood on twitter. Also, like felix on Facebook, The Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook and The Emergent Media Network fan pages on Facebook.