Emergent Media Hour Broadcast 5: This is an Opinion Show... with Bated Breath


In Broadcast 5 of the Emergent Media Hour, Josh, Felix and Mendte talk Fear the Walking Dead, Say Anything the TV show, The New Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Robot Fighting League, an Agents of Shield spinoff called Mockingbird, Chris Hemsworth as a Ghostbuster, Daniel-san in Karate Kid as a bully, Pokemon Card game possible shooting scare, George Miller doing Superman 2, X-Men Apocalypse, Madden the Movie, Star Wars legacy, The Crow reboot and a lot more. Please like The Emergent Media Network, The Emergent Gamer Podcast, Fireside Chats and Felix Hergood on Facebook. Follow Felix @felixhergood, Josh @locke_key and Mendte @jonmendte on twitter. Be sure to follow us and listen on Soundcloud if you prefer. Subscribe to the shows on iTunes if you prefer to listen there.