EG Presents 36: Bamboozled by the Nookie

In this 36th episode, we get rough on Intellectual Property and its hindrance on creativity, Disney, Adam Sandler and his god awful movie Pixels. Carrot ramps up Rocket League. Locke and Felix talk exclusive releases like Destiny for PS4 and Tomb Raider's sequel only released on Xbox One for a year. We all talk heavy on Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Locke may have been bamboozled into buying a new game by the Carrot. We talk about "the Big Show," Trials of Osiris, Bungie's premier weekly competition in Destiny. Please like Fireside Chats, Emergent Gamer and the Emergent Media Network all on Facebook. Follow us on twitter @emergent_gamer, @egfiresidechats, @felixhergood, @locke_key, @theurbancarrot, and @tripzer0 This episode will also be released on soundcloud early next week. 

Also, please watch the video below and contribute to the raffle by our dear friends, Kat and Paul. They got their camera stolen and they do a great show called Comic Trips. It's a chance to win an awesome prize and help a small show in need. Details on how to contribute are in the video. Thanks!