EG Presents 16: A Nightmare of Human Id

In episode 15, we featured author Bryan Way who wrote the Zombie novel "Life After the Arising." Also, Syldaras stopped by to remind us that table tops aren't dead with the Kickstarter smash success Zombicide! Lastly, our friend Qar2ns suggested a world where Zombies attack the ghetto. In episode 16, the second part of our zombie extravaganza, we talk reanimation and question whether all reanimation, like Frankenstein and Jesus, are actually zombies. Our guests in this debate are fan favorite Mendte, a local Philadelphia hip-hop artist named Features, and Big T Larrity. We also briefly discuss Second Life and the nightmare that it appears to be. If you haven't already, make sure you check out the first part of this 2-part zombie spectacular recorded at John Henry's Pub in Ardmore, PA.