EG Presents 13.1: The Episode that was Bound to Happen

In episode 13, WE CRACK UNLUCKY SHOW 13! Much like the lost 13th legion of Rome, our episode 13 met with uncompromising doom because of a rogue mute button. In this beautifully recorded 2nd attempt, our guest is an audio recording expert from Vmad Studios to talk Logic Pro X and the vagaries of recording good sound. (Oh and to completely set up our audio for us. Thank you, Marshall) We also talk about games that are more than just incomplete; they are entirely broken. When the Urban Carrot finally joins us, we talk about our upcoming 3 part series that includes a discussion on dystopian media and a two part episode devoted to Zombies! Felix also regales us with a story from his weird South Philly days in the early experiences of