EG Presents 57: Merry Christmas from Hideo Kojima

In episode Heinz 57, we forgot about Christmas and instead talked a lot about Hideo Kojima. Which is great, but yeah... today is the pagan holiday when Jesus got it started. We thank him for Rudolph, , Egg Nog and Krampus. On the show we talk Hideo Kojima, Australian for gaming, giant spiders and some of our guest's favorite JRPGs. Our guests are Hawq and his twin brother Baldy from Australia who doesn't have an Australian accent at all. Weird. Please like the Emergent Gamer Podcast on facebook. Follow us on twitter @emergent_gamer, @felixhergood, @locke_key, @tripzer0, and @theurbancarrot. Subscribe to the Emergent Gamer on youtube. Watch our stream at