EG Presents 50: Why Isn't This Purple?

Welcome to our epic 50. And like 50 Cent, we are discovering new things. Like grapefruit. Like being podcasters. Like introducing a whole new television show in the Emergent Media Network. Coming up Trabb, Brown Andre and Spam Stones will host a television discussion for the network that we feel you will enjoy. We invite EMTV to join us in a discussion about story. First, we dig into the news. We talk Apple TV gaming, Konami moving to mobile gaming, and new games coming in the next couple of weeks: Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, and more. Our chatty discussion at the end invites Batman Dan from Fireside into the talk to help us debate what makes a story strong. Is story necessary in gaming? If so, what games have great stories? Listen further and cast your opinion at us on social media. Like us on Facebook, follow Felix @felixhergood, Locke @locke_key, Urban Carrot @theurbancarrot, and Trabb @trabb on Twitter. Later today, join us in Old City Philadelphia 6PM at the National Realty gallery. We will be joining photographer Jules Victor to drink wine, discuss finer things like his photography and record this weeks EMH with Mendte and the guys from Fireside.