EG Presents 46: It's Not My Steez

In episode 46, our guest is Neo Aoshi. He's back after receiving the platinum trophy in Metal Gear 5: the Phantom Pain. Neo tells us about the experience and how long it took to accomplish it. We also talk Humble Bundle going subscription, the trash that was once Tony Hawk, Destiny getting micro transactions, Microsoft acquires Havok, and Super Meat Boy coming to Playstation. Also Quantum Break has a date, Titanfall reaches 10 million, and Stephen Colbert reviews No Man's Sky (except we referred to it as Endless Sky. Same dif.) Please like the Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook. Follow @felixhergood, @theurbancarrot, and @locke_key on twitter. Play with Felix Hergood on Xbox: Felix Hergood and PSN: felixhergood. Play with Locke on Xbox: EG Locke and Urban Carrot on PSN: J3wFr0_FTW