Emergent Media Hour Broadcast 11: The Explosion of a Good Doctor

In Emergent Media Hour Broadcast 11, we feature The Urban Carrot from Emergent Gamer Podcast. If you don't already know, Urban Carrot has been a staple to the EG staff this past year and we think he's hilarious. He joins to discuss his love of South Park, video games, Rick and Morty and why Doctor Who exploded. He brings his gaming expertise and his humor. Please like the Emergent Media Network, Fireside, Emergent Gamer Podcast and Felix Hergood Facebook pages. Follow @felixhergood, @theurbancarrot and @jmendte on twitter. Check out both the Urban Carrot and Felix Hergood on the Emergent Gamer Podcast. Check out Jon Mendte on Fireside.