EG Presents 49: Our Other, Other Host is Back!

Gold Rush! Episode 49er coming at ya. In 49, Carrot is back from a broad... er. We mean overseas. We talk Xbox wireless controllers, Burnout Paradise, Arkham Knight returning to PC, Fallout 4 beer, AC Syndicate, Nintendo NX, and Sony surveys. We also focus our discussion on makes a great open world game. Please like The Emergent Gamer Facebook page. Also like the Emergent Media Network and Fireside. Follow Felix @felixhergood, Locke @locke_key and Urban Carrot @theurbancarrot on Twitter. Please check us out on November 6 at 6PM at the National Realty gallery in Old City Philadelphia. We will be joining Jules Victor in his gallery to talk art, drink wine and mingle with some of his great photography.