EG Presents 48: Yellow Gaming

In EG Presents 48, we discuss what's right and wrong in multiplayer gaming etiquette, and we also talk how awesome the new next gen chat systems are online and how there are certain unspoken rules on how to play nice with other people. We talk about how being self-serving doesn't pay. Also Final Fantasy 15 new rock, Rachet and Clank get a movie, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Nintendo NX, Hearthstone nerf and more. Like the Emergent Gamer, Felix Hergood, Emergent Media Network and Fireside on Facebook Check us out on November 6th at 6 pm at the National Realty gallery in Old City, Philadelphia.  We will be there to support a local photographer named Jules Victor putting on an exhibit for First Friday. Come meet Jules and the cast of the Emergent Media Network.