Emergent Media Hour Broadcast 12: A Metric Shoe Ton

In broadcast 12 of the Emergent Media Hour, Mendte, Felix and Josh pack in tons of news from the 4 pillars. Steve Zahn in Apes 3, Expendables 4 and Beasts of No Nation are some movie highlights. Daredevil S2 info, Leftovers S2 premier, and MTV's Shannara Chronicles is some of TV news. Destiny gets some new micro transactions, Treyarch announces more historic Call of Duty games again in the gaming corner. Finally, we end on comics where we talk Killing Joke the movie being possibly rated R, a new Sin City comic, and Darkhorse doing an Avatar comic. We talk all of this stuff and a metric shoe ton more. Please like the Emergent Media Network, Fireside, The Emergent Gamer podcast and Felix Hergood on Facebook. Follow @jmendte, @felixhergood and @locke_key on twitter. Coming up next month look for the cast of the EMN at the National Realty gallery Philadelphia's Old City on November 6th starting at 6PM. We will host a show at a photography exhibit for up and coming photographer Jules Victor. Come down and meet the guys and Jules, check out some great photography, and see us host a show.