EG Presents 47: I Bought all the Micro Transactions

In jolly episode 47, Locke and Felix hold the fort down while Carrot is on a broad... er abroad. Our guests are Hawq and Zheara again, and Hawq brings facts and a hearty discussion about the potential voice actors strike. We state our favorite voice actors and games where the voice acting is quite memorable. Also, Destiny micro transactions, Captain Sparklez, Treyarch, Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, and more. Like the Emergent Gamer Podcast, Emergent Media Network, Fireside and Felix Hergood on Facebook. Follow Locke @locke_key, Felix @felixhergood and the Urban Carrot @theurbancarrot. Catch us on November 6th at 6PM in the National Realty gallery in Old City Philadelphia. We will be doing a show and supporting a local artist named Jules Victor. See his photography, have drinks and meet some of the players of EG on First Friday!