Toy Fair 2017 Day One Recap with Baby Huey

Toy Fair Day One Recap

So Toy Fair Day One has come to a close, below i have pulled some pictures from a lot of the Marvel, DC and Transformers figures that were unveiled today, so lets take a look!



Spider-Man Wave 2 Marvel Legends

The rest of the wave that will be going along with the Spider-Man Homecoming figures that were already released are going to be Tombstone, Beetle, Cosmic Power Spider-Man and Moon Knight!

Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2

Guardians wave 2 will be including Nebula, Rocket with Baby Groot and the Mantis Build-A-Figure!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Star-Lord & Ego 2-Pack

Shown below is Hasbro's upcoming 6" Marvel Legends Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 figure 2-pack featuring Star-Lord and Ego. Each figure will come with multiple headsculpts. The two-pack will first be made available at Entertainment Earth.

 Bluefin Distributor

Bluefin with which is the North American distributor for Tamashii Nations will be distributing all S.H. Figuarts Marvel figures starting with the Dr. Strange movie figure. They also have a life-size Dr. Strange movie figure from Beast Kingdom that will only set you back $9500


LEGO has some new sets coming out soon to go with the Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Glaxay movies

They also have some new Big Heads coming soon as well, Hulk and Black Widow were shown

DC Collectibles

We will be getting a Batman the Animcaed series Batcave! With the 6 inch figures we are getting a Death of Superman two pack, Rebirth Nightwing, Supergirl, and a Super Sons two pack

Batman Black and Whites are back at it with a few new Batman's and a new Harley Quinn

Transformers 5

For the new Transformers movie we will again be getting some new toys to go along with them, below we have some showroom figures of Optimus Prime and what i think is Megatron, not 100% sure. then we have some test pictures of Bee, Hound, Drift, Squeeks, Megatron and a another figure whos name i do not know at this time

Transformers Generations

Generations is still going strong, we will be getting Blitzwing, Seaspray, and an autobot and decepticon who's names i don't know at this time.

Well that's all i have for Day one of Toy Fare 2017, be sure to check back tomorrow as day two wraps up and brings Toy Fair to a close

~Baby Huey