Fireside Chats Issue 121: Kickin' It with the Corpse Crew

Hello Firesiders. It is upon us! Wizard World Philly is here and we have a great Issue for you to listen to on your drive in.  Ken and Buz from the Corpse Crew stop by Fireside studios to talk about news, projects, and sharing a booth with the Fireside Family.  We have a few news points to keep you in the loop, but this is a roundtable that holds nothing back.  Mendte and Mr. Maurer try to not give in to the dark side, but alas, the crew has converted two more members.  Make sure you come meet everyone from Fireside and Living Corpse at booth 945 in Wizard World Philly! Welcome to Fireside.

PS - There is some explicit language in this one.