Fireside Chats Issue 239: Defenders Spoiler and Review Show

Spoiler alert Firesiders! Heed our warning right here and now. If you haven't finished the Defenders on Netflix, don't press play. Although, If you are like us and finished a day or so after it was released... and are now wondering why we haven't done a review yet... fret not Fireside Faithful, because here it is (we felt it was right to give the Slowskys enough time to join us). Mendte, Maurer, and Features break down what they loved and hated about the culmination of our favorite Netflix heroes.  And sweet Christmas is there a lot to talk about! Twists and turn and repeating "I'm the immortal Ironfist" galore. So grab a coffee, catch up if you haven't, and let's get going. Welcome to Fireside!

Issue 239.png