Fireside Chats Issue 200: Earth 200

     We made it to 200 issues Firesiders. Thats over 100 hours of Fireside Chats. Every beep you, every Earth Two, every Duces have all lead to this! Thank you all so much for every download, like, comment, the 17 subscribers on the Youtube page we barley use… All of it! Thank you. We are all so stunned and honored buy the support and we have no plans on stopping. We are still in phase one, so on todays show we talk about what to expect from Fireside this year. A few announcements (such as Team Fireside and Wizard World), what we are currently working on, and the soon to be divorced game. The usual suspects are all here- Mendte, Maurer, Features, Baby Huey. The boys are also joined by Fireside’s own Woody and D-Rock. Get a behind the scenes peak on some of the work in the pipeline and celebrate 200 with us! Welcome to Fireside!