Fireside Chats Issue 199: The One Before 200

Hello hello hel… look I’m going to be honest… senioritis has set in a bit Firesiders. Your favorite hosts are a little loopy getting ready for the special 200th issue this Saturday, as well as getting ready to host the Fireside Meltdown at this years Atlantic City Beer and Music fest. The news doesn’t stop, and the show goes on as Mendte, Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey bring you all the New News from the comicsphere. From Venoms new, more adult movie next year, to the Justice League and Spider-Man trailer. They also share their thoughts on the New Power Rangers movie, James Gunn and Ragnarok, and who Marvel plans to bring back with Generations. Tune in and get caught up on all things new in comics. And as always, Welcome To Fireside!