Fireside Chats Issue 191: The Epic Return

The day has finally arrived.  The return of Fireside's P.Features is upon us.  He has some great tales to tell.  But first.  Helllooooo Internets!  Fireside is whole once again and here to share this weeks breaking news for the fireside faithful. Features reunites with Mendte and Mr. Maurer as they are also joined by a first time guest Harold.  Starting in comics the guys talk about two epic returns to DC and what could be an incredible first appearance in DC.  Mendte get more of his favorite book of 2016 and we have an epic tease coming from Marvel.  Movies treat us to some casting rumors and tearful goodbyes.  Rumors get more steam behind them and a member of the Bat Family gets their own film.  With TV the guys talk Arrow-verse and true cross over dreams as well as X-Casting and much much more.  Welcome to Fireside!