Fireside Chats Issue 189: Make Mine Fireside

Well hello Firesiders! Welcome to this weeks news Issue of Fireside Chats.  Features and Late Shift have openly announced that they are taking their friendship to the next level and need time to plan a bro-mantic vacation.  So in the meantime Mendte and Mr. Maurer are joined by Baby Huey to bring you the latest and greatest news and rumors.  The guys start in the pages of comics talking about Hydra Caps official costume, Spider-Man's return to former glory, Alex Ross' exciting and confusing generations piece, Marvels plans for their own "Re-Birth", the return of the hoodie, plus the announcement of a new DC character getting their own day.  Movie news is next and the Fireside Crew starts off with Justice League and the trailer that may not exist, Ben Affleck's cold feet, Mel Gibson's opportunity of a lifetime, an official Aqua Lad statement for casting in the new movie, Tom Holland's big blunder and more! Plus find out why these three words are associated with each other. BBC, Spawn, Kevin Smith.  Welcome to Fireside!