Fireside Chats Issue 187: What's Your Name Again?

Greetings and Salutations Firesiders! Today Mendte and Mr. Maurer have something a special guest on the show.  Fireside's Resident Stewie...Ian...E...Rocket...Schucky....ummmm let's just go with guest host.  Listen in as the guys talk about the latest Comic and TV news.  Starting off in the land of printed pages DC is bringing back a character most never knew existed and those who do remember him wished he never was created.  Then the guys chat about Marvel and the possibility that the new new new is just like the old,  Jessica Jones may be the straw that breaks the camels back in our post battle world landscape, the Spider-Family's latest addition, and the return of Mendte's al time favorite Bat-Family character.  That's just comic news! Diving into tv hear the Fireside Crew's thoughts on the latest Iron Fist trailer, first reactions to "Legion", spoiler free Walking Dead thoughts, and a surprising comic property gets a third season already! Welcome to Fireside.