Fireside Chats Issue 185: Desperately Seeking Spiderman

What's goin' on Firesiders? In this issue of Fireside Chats Mendte and Mr. Maurer are joined by Fireside's own Baby Huey to talk shop on this weeks breaking news stories.  The guys start in the land of comics with some interesting revelations.  Starting with Deadpool where we finally find out who his true love is (Hint: it's not himself), the age of Luke Cage continues, Rocket takes some fashion tips from Tarantino in his ongoing series, and Hal Jordan has something to say about Lobo.  Over in TV Baby Huey and Mendte talk about their love for Riverdale, Mendte breaks down Powerless, and the guys talk breaking CW news and a bit of Walking Dead rumors.  Finishing off the news on the silver screen the guys start off with "The Batman".  The guys talk about Ben Afflecks decision, Kevin Smiths opinion, and who's on the shortlist for his replacement.  Plus breaking Wolverine (Not) News and much much more.  Welcome to Fireside!