Fireside Chats Issue 183: The One Without a Name

It's about Beepin' time Firesiders! Mendte finally figures out when to show up for our recording and your trio of top notch talkers return to their full strength to bring you the news.  The guys start the show off with Mendte making his voice heard on last weeks new topics before heading into the latest and greatest.  This week the guys are all over the place with Comics talking Batman Beyond, Justice League v Suicide Squad, Walking Dead and Secret Empire.  In TV news we get some X-citing news about an upcoming pilot, Kevin Smith's daughter wants to portray her namesake, Cloak and Dagger get cast and more.  In Movies the guys start by paying tribute to the late great John Hurt before diving into David Ayer's regrets, Vin Diesel's latest movie comments and some might morphin power ranger's updates.  Welcome to Fireside!