Fireside Chats Issue 176: Issue of Future Past

Greetings Fireisders and welcome to another issue of Fireside Chats! On this amazing issue 176 Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features have tons of news to share and argue about. Starting with a ton of comic news.  First off there is a major Superman story arc that has Mendte furious, Deadpool's wife is causing issues (6 to be exact), Method Man is feeling the yuletide joy of Ghost Driver, the Inhuman team gets some much needed costume updates and much much more.  Over In TV the guys start with some Ghost Driver news then dive into three fan favorites of Kingpin, Neil Patrick Harris, and Scrooge McDuck!  Not to be left out Movie news drops some bombs such as IMDB's most searched movie and Planet Hulk invading Thor: Ragnarok! Welcome to Fireside!