Fireside Chats Issue 158: Water is Wet and Other News

Greetings Firesiders and welcome back to Fireside Chats Issue 158.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Ian are ready to talk shop for your listening pleasure.  The guys start off in TV Land where they dive into everyone's favorite show Supergirl and the portrayal of Superman in the season premier.  Keeping in TV Mendte gets excited about Ninjak, Mr. Maurer gets excited about Dirty Laundry, and the guys get confused about some interested Netflix/Agents of SHEILD rumors.  In comic news there is some buzz about Marvel's newest character, Iceman's new series, X-Men's "Resurrection" and the MCU implications it has, as well as Hydra Cap, and the most lopsided comic battle yet to come.  Lastly the guys talk about Doctor Strange.  The final trailer and how excited everyone is to see it.  Welcome to Fireside.