Fireside Chats Issue 156: Pirates of the Comic Geekdom

Welcome aboard matey! Join your favorite podcast crew of Captain Mendte and his Mates Mr. Maurer and P. Features.  They are joined by none other than the resident "Stewie" Ian as they dive into the News issue of Fireside.  Strange strikes early on as your hosts set sail to bring you the news.  Starting in TV the guys talk the Arrow-verse including Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl (Kinda), which guest star is open to returning and how they debuts did in ratings and fan opinion.  Netflix has some amazing teaser footage of the last defender and announce some big name casting for the villain.  Comics have Marvel showing some promise with Rockets newest story but than the over saturation of Deadpool brings us back to reality.  In movie news we have some great Wolverine 3 tidbits and gush over what could be the perfect mix of reboot and nostalgia in the first peek at the Power Rangers teaser. Welcome to Fireside