Fireside Chats Issue 147: Nightmare on Yancy Street

Hello, hello, hello Firesiders! Welcome to another wonderful issue of Fireside Chats.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features have a great show in store for you.  Starting off with some news they talk TV and Fox's new opportunity to mess up a superhero show, Gotham's new pest problem, Arrow-verse and the DCEU talk Suicide Squad, plus Olicity gets the true death.  Comic news has the return of Superboy and his dog Krypto, Alan Moore's last rites, and Tarzan may no longer be the king of the apes!  Movie news is huge with the possible confirmation of our latest rumors, James Wan's newest tweet could be from Atlantis, Booster Gold joins the big leagues (Kinda) and more.  That's just the news! For a nice round robin your favorite Fireside hosts talk what their picks would be if they could combine any comic property with a non comic property.  Here's a teaser...Mendte has a lot of Deadpool mash ups.  Welcome to Fireside!