Fireside Chats Issue 186: Pump Up the Jams

Check 1...2...Check...Check...Greetings and salutations Firesiders!  On this sonically charged issue of Fireside Chats the guys dive into a topic close to their hearts.  Music.  For Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Baby Huey, music is closely associated with their favorite super heroes.  Mendte can't see an image of Batman without hearing Danny Elfman's classic Batman theme.  Mr. Maurer gets angry if "The Lonely Man Theme" isn't playing when Hulk is on screen.  Meanwhile Baby Huey can't stop humming the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song anytime he sees Mikey. (It drives the rest of Fireside nuts!)  All shows and movies had distinct and catchy theme songs back in the day.  So much so that they became intertwined with the memories of these beloved characters.  In recent years this has evolved into something new.  With Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad opting for heartfelt 80's mix-tapes instead of actual themes.  This sparked the interest of the guys here at Fireside.  So sit back, plug in those headphones, and pump up Fireside Chats.  Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 185: Desperately Seeking Spiderman

What's goin' on Firesiders? In this issue of Fireside Chats Mendte and Mr. Maurer are joined by Fireside's own Baby Huey to talk shop on this weeks breaking news stories.  The guys start in the land of comics with some interesting revelations.  Starting with Deadpool where we finally find out who his true love is (Hint: it's not himself), the age of Luke Cage continues, Rocket takes some fashion tips from Tarantino in his ongoing series, and Hal Jordan has something to say about Lobo.  Over in TV Baby Huey and Mendte talk about their love for Riverdale, Mendte breaks down Powerless, and the guys talk breaking CW news and a bit of Walking Dead rumors.  Finishing off the news on the silver screen the guys start off with "The Batman".  The guys talk about Ben Afflecks decision, Kevin Smiths opinion, and who's on the shortlist for his replacement.  Plus breaking Wolverine (Not) News and much much more.  Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 184: Fireside Goes to the Movies

Greetings and Salutations Firesiders! Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features are back with another round of geek speak and nerd scrumming on this issue of Fireside Chats.  We all know that one friend who will belittle a movie just because it was based on a comic book.  How many times have we heard someone crack a joke about how bad something is just because of a little spandex? Well your friends here at Fireside have some ammunition in the battle for all that is good in the world of super powers and secret identities.  In this issue the guys chat about all kinds of Movies and TV shows that are based on comic books that not even some of the most knowledgable connoisseurs knew about.  So sit back, relax, and Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 183: The One Without a Name

It's about Beepin' time Firesiders! Mendte finally figures out when to show up for our recording and your trio of top notch talkers return to their full strength to bring you the news.  The guys start the show off with Mendte making his voice heard on last weeks new topics before heading into the latest and greatest.  This week the guys are all over the place with Comics talking Batman Beyond, Justice League v Suicide Squad, Walking Dead and Secret Empire.  In TV news we get some X-citing news about an upcoming pilot, Kevin Smith's daughter wants to portray her namesake, Cloak and Dagger get cast and more.  In Movies the guys start by paying tribute to the late great John Hurt before diving into David Ayer's regrets, Vin Diesel's latest movie comments and some might morphin power ranger's updates.  Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 182: Just Like Me and You

Greetings Firesiders! Welcome to another Issue of Fireside Chats.  Mr. Maurer is still at the helm and has a topic that immediately brought one guest to mind.  The Topic is heroes without powers and the guest is none other than Felix Hergood.  So join Mr. Maurer, P. Features, Baby Huey, and the Emergent Gamer's own Felix Hergood as they talk about heroes that are just like the rest of us.  The guys dive into what makes people love these type of heroes so much, how could they possibly hold their own with their super powered counterparts, who makes the list for top non powered hero and much much more.  Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 181: Mr. Maurer May Make Mendte Mad

Hello! Hello! Beep You! HAHAHAHAHA Mendte didn’t make it. I mean Mendte was late. I mean Maurer rescheduled the recording time and didn’t tell him. HAHAHAHAMaurer, Features, and Baby Huey take over and are joined by Felix Hergood from the Emergent Gamer Podcast. This is one of the best news shows to date…. AND MENDTE IS NOT HERE! HAHAHAHA! Venom is back, Episode’s 8 title revealed, the Logan and the Power Rangers trailer, Unbreakable 2, Hellboys fans strike back, and much much more. Check it out and piss off Mendte like we did! Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 180: Looking Back at 2016

What's going on Firesiders?! As your favorite trio of podcast geeks get settled into the new year.  They thought that they would reflect back on the biggest events and moments of 2016.  Starting of with a sort of "In Memoriam"  for all of the great comic characters we lost (for now) then going into some of the great new characters we gained.  After that Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features dive into the biggest moments in Comics, TV, and Film. So grab an Ecto Cooler, sit back, and enjoy. Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 179: New New News Show

Hello Firesiders and welcome to our News show of the week giving you all the new news that you can handle.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features have some great gems this week.  Starting in comics where Superman finds a new tailor and returns to basics, the culmination of a dream we never knew we had is announced, a lackluster teaser for what could be an awesome announcement and some sad Spidey news.  TV news brings us the return of Patton Oswalt, the Defenders first official photo shoot with a cool easter egg, Jeff Loeb tries to get fans to point their anger elsewhere, Legion has some separation anxiety, and there could be a new Black Canary!  Not to be left out we get some rumors for something we definitely don't care about, Doctor Strange may be a LMD in Infinity Wars, Peter Dinkladge casting rumors, Green Lantern Corps gets it's Lanterns and Ben Affleck is tired of being asked about Batman.  Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 178: Morphin' Time

Go Go Firesiders, it’s Morphin’ time! Welcome to Saturday and welcome to Angel Grove A.K.A. Fireside Studios. Mighty Morphin Mendte and Maurer are joined by resident Power Rangers expert Baby Huey. Join them as they break down everything from the Mysterious White/Green Ranger hybrid from the recent comics, to the new Justice League crossover, to whatever the hell that thing pretending to be Alpha 5 is in the new movie (Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi). Tune in, zone out, and may the power protect you as we get into for all things Rangers. Remember Firesiders, together we are more!

Fireside Chats Issue 177: Return of the Geek Guys

We're back Firesiders! Just like Luke Skywalker we spent our time away becoming masters at our craft.... Ok we really just spent it catching up on our read piles and playing lots of retro games.  But the one thing that is true is that Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features are back with tons of news for you.  The guys start off reflecting on some sad events that left a lasting impact in our galaxy as well as a galaxy far far away.  Then jump into some comic news that has everyone talking.  Scarlet Spider is back with a brand new costume, Marvel teases a new event, Deadpool picks a fight with Punisher and Geoff Johns hints at what could be the most talked about comic rumor of 2017.  In TV the guys have lots of Arrow-verse news and a teaser that leaves Mr. Maurer just confused.  With movies there is some rumors of a certain superhero movie being a shoe in for an award and a suprising nomination for another.  All this and more, Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats: Best of 2016

Hello Firesiders! Before we get back to our regularly scheduled Issues.  We would love to share just some of our favorite moments from 2016.  So let's relive some great geek conversations the the Corpse Crew, our resident Harley Quinn expert Dani and a great Fireside Chat between Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features about there favorite Team Ups.  Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 176: Issue of Future Past

Greetings Fireisders and welcome to another issue of Fireside Chats! On this amazing issue 176 Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features have tons of news to share and argue about. Starting with a ton of comic news.  First off there is a major Superman story arc that has Mendte furious, Deadpool's wife is causing issues (6 to be exact), Method Man is feeling the yuletide joy of Ghost Driver, the Inhuman team gets some much needed costume updates and much much more.  Over In TV the guys start with some Ghost Driver news then dive into three fan favorites of Kingpin, Neil Patrick Harris, and Scrooge McDuck!  Not to be left out Movie news drops some bombs such as IMDB's most searched movie and Planet Hulk invading Thor: Ragnarok! Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 175: Pickpocketing and Street Magic

Welcome Firesiders to another issue of Fireside Chats.  On this laid back and fun issue the guys have a topic that brings the holiday spirit with it.  We all read comics and dive into the worlds of our favorite characters, but would we actually want to be there? Who could we be friends with in the comic universe? Who would actually put up with us?  Who would try to kill us?  Would Mendte and Deadpool be best buds while Features and Mr. Maurer hang out with Gambit? Find out who Fireside wants to invite to Christmas dinner.  Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 174: No Signature Required

Greetings and Salutations Firesiders! Wednesday is here and so is another issue of Fireside Chats! Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features have tons of news ready for you since last week.  This may be the issue that puts Mendte and Mr. Maurer over the edge as Features tries to calm them both down.  Comic news starts with a New...Old...Ghost Rider, Everyones favorite hoodie returns, Wolverine gets some new threads, and yet another petition! Jumping right into TV we trigger Mendte's rage with some Agents of SHEILD news which leads into a reason Mr. Maurer may start watching.  Then things get real.  In movies the guys talk about Hugh Jackman's reasons for his pay cut, Bat-Fleck throwing some shade at Warner Brothers and oh so much Spiderman Homecoming.  Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 173: Marvel v Capcom

Hello Firesiders, welcome back! Today is our topic issue and our topic is news! (Wait, what?) So over the last two weeks your faithful followers of the geek universe have been skipping over some major rumors and announcement.  Marvel vs Capcom 4 will be a reality! So Mendte, Mr. Maurer, P. Features, and Baby Huey decided that the best topic for this issue would be one of their all time favorite franchises.  Listen to the guys speculate on which characters will be added and which ones will definitely be missing this go around.  Plus much nerd scrumming on the game in general. Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 172: Aye Yi Yi!

Welcome back Firesiders! It's Wednesday and you know what that means.  News!  This week Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features are joined by Fireside's own Baby Huey to break down an eventful week of news.  Starting out with comic news the Phoenix Force returns (again) in Jean Grey's new ongoing series, Weapon X also gets resurrected, and Civil War II's last issue is making sure they hit the deadline.  Movie news brings us some hot topics such as Spiderman's newest possible upgrade, a Guardians trailer that Mr. Maurer may not hate, Groot's next battle, some pressure for future MCU directors, Green Lantern casting rumors and more!  Wrapping up the issue is TV where the guys talk about the passing of Van Williams and the Green Hornets lineage. Plus hear their thoughts on Legion, Agents of Shield, Black Bolts casting, and the Arrowverse's crossover "Invasion!".  Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 171: Fireside Fight Club - Arrowverse

Alright Firesiders, your heroes of the geek kind are picking a fight, again! This time your fearless Fireside frontmen are taking on the "Arrowverse"! Mendte and Mr. Maurer have decided that after this past weeks 4 show crossover that they wouldn't be left out. So after misplacing P. Features they recruited Woodsy to help take on the forces of the CW.  Will our heroes be victorious in their second ever "Fight Club"?  Will they have learned anything from taking on the "Suicide Squad"? (See Issue 151 for that battle) Find out now. Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 170: Mendte Breaks It Down

Greetings and Salutations Firesiders! Welcome to another Issue of Fireside Chats.  Things seem to be back to normal at Fireside studios and Mendte and Mr. Maurer are wondering what has kidnapped P. Features yet again.  But fret not, Fireside's own Baby Huey steps in to save the day.  In this weeks news episode the guys dive deep on a few topics.  In comics the King of the Inhumans "Black Bolt" is getting his own comic series, X-Men's Gold and Blue teams are set, Venom is back and is having some struggles between good and evil, and Mendte's favorite baddie has space cancer.  In Movies we see some DCEU and MCU camaraderie, James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg could have been finally found, and Superman could "Live" again! (For the first time).  TV has the guys talking about Flash and Stan Sakai's own Usagi Yojimbo coming to Nickelodeon! All this and more, Welcome to Fireside!

We're the Walking Dead Episode 10: All Alpha No Beta

     SHHHhhh… Do you hear that? Whats is it? Is it coming from the Walkers? No…. impossible. I guess it doesn’t matter, we are safe behind the Hill Top walls. Plus we just saw Maggie take out a Gremlin with a tractor. Needless to say Mendte, Locke, and Ian are not very worried. Ignoring the normal groans and shambling of the dead, the three go into the slow burn that followed that amazing season opener, the awesomeness the has been the Whispers War, and even the potential for a Walking Dead movie. So don’t let the subtle noises of the Walkers… at least we assume walkers, and drowned it out with this weeks We’re the Walking Dead. 


Fireside Chats Issue 169: Fireside Family

Hello Fireside Faithful! Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to Issue 169.  After Mr. Maurer's Astral projection into our last Issue, we can only guess what he has up his sleeve for Issue 169.  Meanwhile Woodsy joins Mendte and P. Features again to talk Family.  Thanksgiving has recently passed and it gave the Fireside Family some time to think about the families in the comic world.  Not just the nuclear kind, but the modern super hero families.  As well as what comics are part of their family.  So sit back and relax, grab a turkey sandwich and Welcome to Fireside.    ... are you guys seeing sparks too?