Fireside Chats Issue 215: You Don't Like Click?

     The tenacious trio is back Firesiders! Mendte is once again joined by his wonderful sidekicks, Mr. Maurer and P Underscore Features! The stars aline, their powers combine, and *BAM* The Wednesday show is reborn! Joins us as the trio talk about all the New News circling the Comicsphere! From the Venom Symbiote bonding with Madd Max, to Wonder Woman carrying the DCEU to greatness (hopefully), to the Zack Snyder’s heartbreaking departure from Justice League (Fandom aside, all of our thoughts are with him and his family). Then things take a trip to **Spoiler** town as we talk about the twist of Secret Empire and Hydra Caps new attire, the tearjerking end to the Button, and how the Walking dead almost made Mendte cry… again. Tune in and Welcome to Fireside!