Fireside Chats Issue 214: Mendte’s Injustice

Every battle defines us Firesiders, today is no different! Mendte is alone, lost in the character select, hoping a Player 2 will heed the call. Maurer is still on the run, Baby Huey went to find him, and Features is out for the count… looks like Mendte’s story mode is about to end. When suddenly, out of the shadows comes a hero to save the show, D-Rock! Thats right Firesiders, D-Rock from issue 200 swoops in to join Mendte on this Injustice 2 Journey! The two break down the new game. What was great, what was missed, what went wrong, and (most importantly) was it fun. So join us as we defend the world from the Society, while seeming how this games stacks up! Game on Firesiders. Welcome to Fireside and game on.