Fireside Chats Issue 212: Spoils of the Galaxy

Spoilers* Spoilers* Spiolers* I am Groot*

     Ok Firesiders, enough time has passed. We all have had a chance to see it so let's talk about Guardians Vol. 2. Mendte, Features, Baby Huey, and Felix Hergood (Maurer hasn't seen it yet) go over what worked with the movie and what didn't. The feels with Yondu, the point of Drax, Ego's face, the importance of the Stan Lee cameo, why was Ving Rhames there? And who the hell is Adam? So channel your inner Mary Poppins and joins us for a spoiler ridden discussion about the Guardians of the Galaxy, and let's see how we thought it staked up. Welcome to Fireside!