Fireside Chats Issue 243: Is This Thing On?

Hello? Is this thing on? Hello! We’re back Firesiders! We replaced the cables, greased the wheels, and fed the hamsters.  Were ready rock once more and make up for lost time. Maurer left to replace the mixer, so... Mendte, Features, and Baby Huey figured what better time to record. The Maurerless trio get the show back on rails with the newest news from around the ComicSphere! From the Turtles reuniting with out favorite Bat, to Punisher’s violent viral teaser. This jammed packed issue is dedicated to Maurer. Hope you got a good deal. Welcome to Fireside.


Fireside Chats Issue 242: Sunrise Comics with Mendte and Mr. Maurer

Wake up Firesiders! It's time for the Mendte and Maurer Morning show! Due to late shift's latest attack Mendte and Mr. Maurer snuck into Fireside Studios armed with Coffee, Wawa Sizzli's and Sarcasm.  LIsten up as they talk the lastest news about the "White Knight" of Gotham and the future of Star Wars. As well as acknowledging one of the greats that left too soon.  Some DCEU and Arrow-Verse news in TV Land. Plus Thor Ragnarok and Justice League rumors and confirmations lie ahead.  So turn it up and press play.  Welcome to Fireside.

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Fireside Chats Issue 241: Fireside Fight Club - Guardians of the Galaxy

Do you hear the bell Firesiders? The bell that pits titan against titan? Ok... well maybe not titans... but fictional characters against four podcast hosts? That's right Firesiders it's time for another Fireside Fight Club! Where Mendte, Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey go toe to toe with your favorite comic book Goliaths. Today's match up finds the guys trying not to die while facing off with the Guardians of the Galaxy! Find out how our mild manor host could possibly take on our favorite band of intergalactic A-Holes. Welcome to Fireside!

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Fireside Chats Issue 240: That's What The Empty One Is For

Wednesday means different things to different people. For some it's Humpday. A day to prep for the rest of the week. For us it's a day new comics, but after well over 200 issues... it's also time for the New News. A time to discuss all the happenings from around the ComicShpere. Mendte, Maurer, And Features talk Secret Empire which Mendte has some... issues with. Marvels drops a Legacy trails, plus how the Inhumans did at the theater. Tune in and catch up. Welcome to Fireside!

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Fireside Chats Issue 239: Defenders Spoiler and Review Show

Spoiler alert Firesiders! Heed our warning right here and now. If you haven't finished the Defenders on Netflix, don't press play. Although, If you are like us and finished a day or so after it was released... and are now wondering why we haven't done a review yet... fret not Fireside Faithful, because here it is (we felt it was right to give the Slowskys enough time to join us). Mendte, Maurer, and Features break down what they loved and hated about the culmination of our favorite Netflix heroes.  And sweet Christmas is there a lot to talk about! Twists and turn and repeating "I'm the immortal Ironfist" galore. So grab a coffee, catch up if you haven't, and let's get going. Welcome to Fireside!

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Fireside Chats Issue 238: Not an Ex Machina

Greetings Fireside Faithful! Wednesday is upon us once again, and with it comes new comics, and new news. Team Chats is at full strength as Mendte, Maurer, and Features scourer the ComicSphere for all the happenings and details. Thor fights the Hulk while lending Cap his hammer. Plus the Joker Merges with Batman, while Frances battles whitewashing with Hellboy. Needless to say a lot has happened and your going to want the details. Enough teasing! Press play and find out what in DCEU is going on. Oh... and Welcome to Fireside!

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Fireside Chats Issue 237: Big D's "No Prize"

Greetings and Salutations Fireside Faithful! Welcome to another issue of Fireside chats.  Mendte and Mr. Maurer have a special treat for your ear holes today as they have brought you a special guest.  Writer, Musician, Comic Fan, and unofficial winner of a Marvel "No Prize" David "Big D" McWane is on the show today.  Through the powers of modern technology Big D joins the Fireside family to geek out about all things in the comic verse.  Fresh off his tour with "Big D and the Kids Table it's time for some relaxation.  Listen as Dave tells us his own comic origin story and what it's like to be a comic fan as a full time touring musician.  Plus as a special treat find out the unsolved mystery of a huge mistake in Wolverine's continuity.  Welcome to Fireside.

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Fireside Chats Issue 236: Nemesis and Puppet Masters

Were back Firesiders, fresh off the heels of a Defenders binge session. Some of us finished but others have to wait because Wednesday is upon us once again. It's time to recap the biggest stories from around the ComicSphere. While Features is off moonlighting with Late Shift again, Mendte and Maurer rejoice as Moon Knights gets his Joker. Baby Huey fills in and talks about a Power Rangers comic fav potentially making his small screen debut. That's tip of the iceberg people, so press play and catch up. Welcome to Fireside.


Toying Around Episode 3: Just Take Our Money

Whats going on? Baby Huey and Mr Maurer are coming at you with all the new from within the Toy World from the past few weeks. The guys go talk about some of the new lines and figure coming out with Marvel Legends, Some new Legacy items within the Power Rangers line, a very cool fan submitted Voltron idea that LEGO will be making and also how the Mattel company is trying to shake up the Barbie world yet again. So sit back and relax and enjoy an all new Toying Around. 


Fireside Chats Issue 235: An Intervention with Dr. Oz

The mystery keeps getting more and more tantalizing Firesiders... who I'd Dr. Oz... MISTER! I mean Mr. Oz. Slip of the tongue... that happens consistently. Mendte's brain slips aside, your three hosts discuss new and old theories since the start of DCs Rebirth on the identity of the infamous Mr. Oz. Mendte is elated with a pretty wild theory online, while Maurer and Features are pretty steadfast in their Watchmen inspired speculations. Does Dr... I mean Mr. Oz originate in a time before Superman as we know him? Or do the breadcrumbs DC scattered throughout rebirth lead to that bloody button? Press play, tune in, and Join the conversation below. Welcome to Fireside.

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Fireside Chats Issue 234: Puppy Monkey Mendte Huey

As they Tuesday moon sets and the Wednesday sun rises Firesiders, fans around the comicsphere rejoice. That particular sun ushers in New Comics and New News. That's right Fireside Family, Mendte, Maurer, and Features are back with all the going ons in the world of comics. From the Arrowverse taking home a few surfboards at the Teen Choice Awards, to Kirkmen's future with AMC and Amazon. From the return of Malcom Merlin and the Purpleman, to all things Batman Metal. We got a lot to go over so press play and let's do this. Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats 233: Return of the Rumor

Rumors Firesiders! Rumors are all over the place right now due to some potential bad blood at Marvel Studios. A supposedly disgruntled employee spilled the beans on a lot of upcoming details about the MCU. Who's getting a new franchise, what characters aren't making the cut, who is Sony willing to share with Marvel, and what's after the Infinity War movies. There is a lot to unpack. The last time this happened with the DCEU, some turned out to be true, so it's worth taking a look at. It's time to turn up those speakers Firesiders, and speculate with Mendte, Maurer, and Features as they take these rumors head on. Welcome to Fireside. 

Fireside Chats Issue 232:

Ok Firesiders, Wednesday brings new comics and the new news *Queue Features*. Thats right Fireside faithful, Mendte, Maurer, and Features are back as always to talk everything new with the ComicSphere. From Kick-Ass, Kingsmen, and Netflix, to Caps blank slate and Constantine’s future. And how could we not mention our first look at Josh Brolin’s Cable. So tune in, catch up, and as always… Welcome to Fireside.

Toying Around Episode 2: Once You Pop!

Baby Huey and Mr. Maurer are back and they are going down that deep black hole that is know as the world of Funko Pop! Join them as they talk about how Funko Pop! started out till where they are today. They also discuss the ton of different lines and sub-lines that in the Pop! brand.

If you have a Pop! that you would like to know how much it is going for right now please check out and dont forget to keep it here to for all our Funko Pop! news.

Fireside Chats Issue 231: DJ Tony Drake - The Indies

Ok Firesiders you are in for a treat today.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features are joined by DJ Tony Drake.  A musician and visionary that met the Fireside Crew at the Philadelphia Wizard World.  Tony comes to us via satellite to talk his upcoming project "The Indies".  This is a project unlike any we've come across.  It's deep mythos of a post apocalyptic world filled with super powered assassins, genetic testing, and record labels.  Tony talks about everything from the idea that sparked it all to the upcoming Kickstarter that will make everything possible.  So if you like Comics, Animation, Hip Hop, and Independent Artists.  Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 230: You're Listening to WJZZZZZ

The news keeps coming Firesiders. It may be daunting to some, but to us it’s job security. The news wont stop and neither will we. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and the triumphant return of P. Features as they dive into the maelstrom of news from around the comic sphere. We have out first look at the Avengers from 10,000… or 1,000,000 BC… or something, Secret Empire issue 7 spoilers, Flash’s new… yet old… yet not look, and so much more. Pop in those earbuds, turn up those speakers and Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 229: Let's Go Out to the Movies

I don know about all of you Firesiders, but we at the Chats love trailers. So if you are like us, then San Diego Comic Con was was like Wonka’s Factory. Join Mendte, Maurer, and Baby Huey as they talk about (arguably) the most exciting part of comic con…. those sweet, sweet trailers. Hulk has something to say and Thor reminds us he’s the God of Thunder in Ragnarok. Aquaman surfs a Parademon and Flash thinks they are a bit rude in Justice League. Not to mention Thanos throwing planets in the leaked Infinity War trailer. Thats not even getting into the Inhumans, Flash, Arrow, Lucifer, Riverdale, Gotham, ect… It was a great con for trailers. Grab your popcorn and see wha the guys thought of all that’s to come. Welcome to Fireside.

Toying Around Episode 1: The Return

Toying Around has returned! Baby Huey and Mr. Maurer are back to bring you all the news from the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. The guys go over some of the exclusives that you can pick up from the Con like, The Marvel Legends 12 inch Daredevil and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles box set. They even talk about some of the brand new Funko Pops that will be hitting the store shelves very soon! So sit back relax and enjoy the return on Toying Around! 

Fireside Chats Issue 227: Fun But a Little Bit Out There

Think back Firesiders, think back to those shows growing up. Pete and Pete, Rocco's Modern Life, etc... Who were your favorite characters? Now who's that characters favorite superhero? That's right Firesiders, that's where we are after 226 issues. Mendte, Maurer, and Features talk about the best Superheroes within your favorite childhood shows. Really Really Big Man! Captain Caveman! Mermaid Man! The tubular trio go over all their favorites and why. Tune in and let nostalgia take over. Welcome to Fireside!