Fireside Chats Issue 225: Friendly Neighborhood Fireside

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has finally had his Homecoming, and we at Fireside all thiwped out! The Wall Crawler is back in the spotlight after years of being left out of the arena. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey as they break down all they loved and all they hated about his Homecoming. From Michael Keaton possibly being the best MCU villain to date and MCU timelines to Iron Man's influence on Peter and how much is too much. So disable your training wheels protocol, grab your lego Death Star, and become the man in chair as you press play for this shocker of an issue. Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 224: The Quiet Storm

Firesiders! I'm glad I have your attention, because we have a lot to talk about. It's Wednesday so it's time to get you all up to date with the happenings from around the Comicsphere. Mendte, Maurer, and Features are your bagged and boarded journalist once again. We have heroic Jokers, Spider-Man's most important three days, and 12 Billion in the bank. Not to mention not to mention DC's Metal clans, and Marvels 90 minute Rebirth. So let's get you all informed and up to date! Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 223: Spider-Show

With great power Firesiders…. You know the rest, and I bet you get where we’re going with this. Thats right this issue is all about Spider-Man. We haven’t seen the movie yet (it wasn’t out when we recorded this), but that doesn’t stop us from being way to excited. Join Mendte, Maurer, Features and the spectacular return of Ashley as they talk about what makes Spider-Man specials to each of them. Their favorite costumes, movies, Parkers, and how they think Tom Holland will stack up. So grab Cap’s shield, sling a hammock, and Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats 222: Patches

Rise and shine Firesiders! As you wake from your BBQed coma, desperate for water and perhaps some Tylenol, let us get you caught up with all things comic related. The traditional trio of Mendte, Maurer, and Features are joined by new comer, Ashly. Together they rattle of the top news stories from around the Comicsphere; ranging from the million year old Avengers, to Falcon Cap and War Machunisher. ANNND... the Watchmen coming to HBO, Carnage and Venom's first ever big screen family reunion, and so much more. They are probably a few rants and tangents sprinkled about I'm sure. So grab the pain relievers, chug some water, and eat a banana for the potassium because we have some catching up to do. Welcome to Fireside.



Fireside Chats Issue 221: Awakenings

Rejoice Firesiders! After the odin coma and a late night showing of Wonder Woman, the Tenacious Trio are back. Our faithful Features once again greets the internets with the echo of an Earth 2 titan. Mendte and Maurer are at full power as their beloved brethren returns to deliver the newest of news. From 3 Jokers and the Duke of the BatFamily, to Marvel’s Legacy and Venoms homecoming; this issue is packed to the gills with news. So pop in those earbuds and turn up those speakers as Fireside brings you all thats worth knowing from around the Comicsphere. As always, Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 220: Fireside Reviews Wonder Woman

****Spoiler Alert****

Go see Wonder Woman before hitting play.

Aries may corrupt the hearts of men, but Wonder Woman stole ours. Enough time has passed for us to do our spoiler filled review. Grab your lassos and ice cream and join Mendte, Maurer, Baby Huey, and Woodsy as they talk about everything they loved about DC new standard for its extended universe. Features would be here... but he's currently seeing the movie. So let's get above average. Welcome to Fireside. 

Fireside Chats Issue 219: She Hasn't Dead Yet

The Odin sleep has ended. A thousand barrels worth of coffee brewed. the Con was ages ago and yet its affects remain. Mendte, Maurer, and Features have awoken from their slumber to bring you all the newest of the news from around the comic sphere. Well… Maybe not Features. He wont wake up. Don’t be alarmed, he’s breathing… heavily even. He’s just refusing to wake up. The show must go on, for the news will only be new for so long. Woodsy and Baby Huey step up to the mic to fill in for our favorite comatose Earth two-er. The gang goes from Secret Empire to Batman’s future. From remembering Adam West to all things Black Panther. Tune in and Welcome to Fireside!

Wizard World Philadelphia 2017 - Jaco Tartaruga "Be the red drop"

Greeting Firesiders! We have a very special issue for you today.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features step aside for the most part and let guest host and Fireside Family member CJ Draden (EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING) interview an extremely talented guest.  Jaco Tartaruga is a water color artist with a flair of chaos and color.  His style shows control and fury all at the same time.  Sit back and listen to just a small part of his amazing story. (We did) Welcome to Fireside.

Wizard World Philadelphia 2017 - Talking Zenescope with Ralph Tadesco

Greetings Firesiders! As the Fireside Family continues the post convention Odin Sleep.  We will be bringing you some of the amazing interviews from Wizard World Philadelphia 2017. Today we start with Ralph Tadesco from Zenescope.  A Pennsylvania based indie publisher that has stood the test of time.  Their unique take on fairy tales and urban legends has allowed them to not only create strong female characters in comics but in at least one television property.  So sit back, press play, and Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 218: Arrow-Verse Season Recap

We are in the thick of it Firesiders! The trenches of Wizard World Philadelphia are flooded with cosplayers, prints, and comics. But even in a World of Wizards the show must go on. Mendte, Maurer, and Baby Huey take a breather and reflect on the most recent seasons of our favorite CW versions of the Scarlet Streak, and Emerald Archer. The bookends of the Arrowverse, the shows that keep it all together have ended and enough time has passed to really dive in. Who did we like more, Prometheus or Savitar? Musicals and Metas, or Torture mind games? Who had the better season finale? All of that and a dash of Supergirl on this issue of Fireside Chats. Press play, and as always... Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 217: Waiting In LIne

The hour is almost upon us again Firesiders. The Philadelphia Wizard World gates are about to open once more. An army of Deadpools and Harley Quinns await, preparing to battle through the hoards of our brethren, lost in a sea of mylar bags and long boxes. Brace yourselves, for the time grows nearer. While you wait in the trenches catch up on all the news from around the Comic Sphere. Stephen Amell proving he’s a Ninja, Death Strokes new power, Justice League Dark, M. Nights unbreakable glass, and much much more. Learn all you can Firesiders, Press play and prepare. Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 216: Escape the Real

Firesiders… Lets take a moment to look at the comic industry. Look at it’s influence on us, while acknowledging our influence on it. What do the comics today say about our generation of readers? What do the movies say about their audiences? What impact do our dollars and choices have on the industry today? Join Mendte, Maurer, and Features as they take a step back from their fandoms and look at the comic industry from the side lines for a moment. Tune in as they try and uncover some truths that may be hidden underneath watchmen buttons and hydra caps. The trio battles through generations of stories, controversies, and characters to see what’s their driving forces are. Finally, what is more powerful: Escapism, Realism, or Nostalgia? Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 215: You Don't Like Click?

     The tenacious trio is back Firesiders! Mendte is once again joined by his wonderful sidekicks, Mr. Maurer and P Underscore Features! The stars aline, their powers combine, and *BAM* The Wednesday show is reborn! Joins us as the trio talk about all the New News circling the Comicsphere! From the Venom Symbiote bonding with Madd Max, to Wonder Woman carrying the DCEU to greatness (hopefully), to the Zack Snyder’s heartbreaking departure from Justice League (Fandom aside, all of our thoughts are with him and his family). Then things take a trip to **Spoiler** town as we talk about the twist of Secret Empire and Hydra Caps new attire, the tearjerking end to the Button, and how the Walking dead almost made Mendte cry… again. Tune in and Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 214: Mendte’s Injustice

Every battle defines us Firesiders, today is no different! Mendte is alone, lost in the character select, hoping a Player 2 will heed the call. Maurer is still on the run, Baby Huey went to find him, and Features is out for the count… looks like Mendte’s story mode is about to end. When suddenly, out of the shadows comes a hero to save the show, D-Rock! Thats right Firesiders, D-Rock from issue 200 swoops in to join Mendte on this Injustice 2 Journey! The two break down the new game. What was great, what was missed, what went wrong, and (most importantly) was it fun. So join us as we defend the world from the Society, while seeming how this games stacks up! Game on Firesiders. Welcome to Fireside and game on.

Fireside Chats issue 213: Maurer is not in London

     Firesiders! The Doomsday Clock is ticking, Maurer is on the lamb, and Nightwing is following in Hydra Caps footsteps! Anarchy is breaking out all around us, but the show must go on! Join Mendte, Features, and Baby Huey as they bring the New News of the week. The three talk about Diane Lane siding with Marvel, Tom King leaving Batman, The Justice Leagues attempt at Planet Hulk, James Gunn and Yondu Poppins, Childish Deadbinpool, and a lot more once you hit play! The time is here, you read all of this nonsense, so hit play and Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 212: Spoils of the Galaxy

Spoilers* Spoilers* Spiolers* I am Groot*

     Ok Firesiders, enough time has passed. We all have had a chance to see it so let's talk about Guardians Vol. 2. Mendte, Features, Baby Huey, and Felix Hergood (Maurer hasn't seen it yet) go over what worked with the movie and what didn't. The feels with Yondu, the point of Drax, Ego's face, the importance of the Stan Lee cameo, why was Ving Rhames there? And who the hell is Adam? So channel your inner Mary Poppins and joins us for a spoiler ridden discussion about the Guardians of the Galaxy, and let's see how we thought it staked up. Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 211: Guest Star Power

Some call it hump day Firesiders... but like Rumpelstiltskin, we know it's real name  - New Comic Book Day! And with that comes your weekly Comicsphere news update. This update is more packed than a tower full of gold and hay. Ok. Sorry about that. I'm done now. Mendte, Maurer, and Features had to bring in some help to contain it all. Felix Hergood is back and more Felix than ever. The gang goes over the Secret Empires Trailer, the final Wonder Woman trailer, the MTV Spider-Man: Homecoming clip, the Defenders, the Inhumans, and much, much more. Check it up, stay up to date, and welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 210: Talking Trash

Welcome back Fireside Faithful!  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features are back with some water cooler talk to make you say hmmm.  It isn't a secret that Fireside loves everything related to the beloved heroes of the ink and paper.  That doesn't mean there aren't things that drive fans mad. So what is it that triggers the triumphant trio of talking talent? Is it massive cross overs? Indecisions? Screwing with continuity? Michael Bay? Well, stop reading this and press play to find out! Welcome to Fireside!

Fireside Chats Issue 209: Stuff Happened, We Talked About It

Hail Hydra Firesiders! Welcome to another issue of Fireside Chats where we scour the internet for news and rumors so you don't have to.  Your favorite crew of fearless Fireside commentators is back together as Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features dive into this weeks hot topics.  The trend continues as the guys start the conversation of with comics and randomly start yelling "Spooooon" before Mr. Maurer's alliance to Hydra is revealed. From there it's on to the small screen where the usual suspects make an appearance.  Teddy Sears talks about a return to Flash, Ghost Driver tries to save Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Electra pulls her usual Lazarus treatment, and Inhumans get their logo.  The news really gets interesting with movie news.  Todd McFarlane give a statement on his script (again), tons of Guardians factoids, plus Logan, Kingsman 2, Wonder Woman, and much much more.  Welcome to Fireside.

Fireside Chats Issue 208: Gaming with Fireside

Hope you have an unlimited data plan Firesiders, because we’re talking comics within mobile gaming. Have you seen how many comic related games are in the app store? Which ones are any good? Find out what Mendte, Maurer, and Baby Huey have to think about the biggest titles, and the ones worth the download. So make space on you phones and charge up those batteries as we go from Injustice to Power Rangers: Legacy and every Marvel title in-between. Pop in those earbuds, complete your daily missions, and Welcome to Fireside!