EG Correspondents Present 1: It's So Diplomatic


In EG Correspondents 1, we each propose a topic. Snax that Cat asks a questions of everybody, Sleeping Flower talks her latest obsession to play indy games and Felix talks about his new Retro Pi. In fact, the whole episode is quite a retro discussion. Please write a review in iTunes to give Emergent Gamer proper feedback. Follow all our hosts on Twitch and Twitter. 

EG Presents 150: Playing on Our TVs like it's 2011

EG Presents 149: The Gaga of Gaming

EG Gaga Kojima.jpg

In eventful episode 149, Locke chimes in on Destiny 2 DLC: Curse of Osiris, Felix talks Battlefield 1 DLC patch, and Neo took thorough notes on both The Game Awards featuring Geoff Keighley and the Playstation PSX event which unveiled a new, super weird Death Stranding trailer. 

EG Presents 148: It's a Little Late for Construction, Sir!

Curse of Osiris EG.jpg

In undercooked episode 148, Curse of Osiris has released to a wave of contention. Many feel it's too short, undercooked and unacceptable. Loot boxes could be on the horizon. Neo is suspicious, Trip Zero is optimistic and hopeful, and Felix has lost his hud. Please leave a review in iTunes if you enjoy our content and would like us to improve anything.

EG Presents 147: We're the Greatest Podcast

EG 147.jpg

In humble episode 147, we are at it again for more pseudo-intellectual high jinks. We primarily analyze the nominees for the upcoming 2017 Game Awards hosted at the Microsoft Theater on December 7, 2017.  However, "the saga continues..." with EA Games crashing and burning this week to the tune of reddit user's complaints. We also talk games we're playing and more. Yes, we're aware the title of this episode is absurd. 

EG Presents 146: Smacking Our Guest's Nuts on the Table

EG DiamondJab.jpg

In communal episode 146, we reach out to our local community and invite Diamond Jab of GSM Podcast to join us. It's a long one folks, so strap in. We talk Super Mario Odyssey, live streaming, podcasting, microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and more. 


EG Presents 145: Dig Up Them Bones

EG 145.jpg

In regressed episode 145, a blast from the past returns as Snax the Cat joins Felix for a duo. Snax had an opportunity to check out the Sony Playlink game Hidden Agenda. Felix has been live streaming Assassin's Creed Unity, Syndicate and has finally had good things to say about AC Origins. Also, we talk Blizzcon 2017 and Xbox One X release. Felix also has a lobotomy at the mere mention of kobolds. Please follow EG on Twitch, Twitter and Instagram. Follow Felix, Locke, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Follow Felix, Locke, Neo and Trip on Twitter. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 144: The Band is Back Together

EG Band.jpg

In reunited episode 144, Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip are all present and accounted for.  First, we talk Trip's business in California. He talks games he played and his experience with TwitchCon. Then the last half is all about the trailers launched at the Sony press conference during Paris Games Week. It's a packed episode people, so strap yourself in for a discussion. Please follow EG on Twitch, twitter, and Instagram. Follow Locke, Trip, Neo and Felix on Twitch. Follow Locke, Trip, Neo and Felix on Twitter. Sub Felix on Youtube. Please write a review on iTunes. 

EG Presents 143: No Kids Allowed

EG Banhammer.jpg

In marketing for a more open world episode 142, Felix and Neo are a duo again. Trip is still in California and Locke took the night off. They talk lots of games. Felix had the opportunity to do some couch co-op with Snax the Cat and talks a variety of co-op games. Neo finally bought Breath of the Wild for his Nintendo Switch. We talk Switch controllers, Visceral Games closed down and about the Destiny 2 Ban Hammer. Please Follow EG on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram. Follow Felix, Locke, Neo and Trip on Twitter. Follow Felix, Locke, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Sub Felix on Youtube.

EG Presents 142: Playerunknown is an actual dude

EG Presents 141: Let's Go For a Gist

EG Microtransactions.jpg

In not what's on the priced tagged episode 141, Locke is back to continue the discussion we've been having about microtransactions. This week, Shadow of War is still on the hot seat of criticism, but it is now joined by the new Forza game. Locke and Felix make is clear they aren't fans of racing games, but are willing to skewer the business practices of one despite never played it. Also, Neo plays Cuphead, Felix finally starts Bloodborne, and Locke digs into Fortnite Battle Royale mode. Like, comment, share and review the Emergent Gamer Podcast on iTunes. Follow Locke, Neo, Felix and Trip on Twitch. Follow Locke, Neo, Felix and Trip on Twitter. Sub Felix on Youtube. 

EG Presents 140: Watching All Dem Movie-Shows

EG Presents 139: The Water Looks Weird

EG Presents 138: Destiny 2 Live

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 12.50.47 AM.png

In grinded episode 138, Felix, Locke, and Neo were joined by Trip Zero last Tuesday live on Felix's Twitch account. As you may already know, Trip has been in California these many months, but he wanted to join us so we banded together to coordinate this get together. From the safety of our own homes, we chatted live to an audience of people that support Felix's stream everyday. There were some audio problems, but on the whole the episode seemed to work out well. For future live episodes of Emergent Gamer please follow our show's twitch page: Follow the also on twitter and instagram. Follow Felix of course on Twitch @, Locke @, Neo @ and Trip @ Sub Felix on youtube as well.

TeamEmmmmsie meets Emergent Gamer

TESOTWFelix EG.jpg

This is not an official Emergent Gamer episode. Look for a live episode of EG this coming Tuesday at The guys will be live doing a Destiny 2 discussion. Then that episode will post next Friday. Instead, a few weeks ago Felix was selected to be stream team TeamEmmmmsie's Streamer of the Week. The SOTW was a privilege for Felix and he is excited every day to help Emergent Gamer become more involved with the folks over at Team Emmmmsie. The interview was hosted by TeamEmmmmsie member Dosrev. You can follow Dosrev at Please follow Team Emmmmsie on Twitch: and on twitter @teamemmmmsie. Follow Felix, Trip, Locke and Neo on Twitch. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 137: I've Got No Thumbs to Hold Me Down

EG Presents 136: Sorry to Take You Away from Defenders. Not Sorry.

Defenders EG.jpg

Seriously though. In disseminated episode 136, The Defenders is available on Netflix. Have you watched it yet? Nevermind. Have you even watched Daredevil? Jessica Jones? Luke Cage? Iron Fist? This is not a joke. This is a test. Please take it serious because every one of the Defenders are awesome. We appreciate that you're listening to us. Listen to our awesome discussion about Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and then binge every episode of every Marvel Netflix Television show otherwise you're doing it wrong. We also deliver some gaming news and our guest host is Snax the Cat. Follow EG on Twitch, Twitter and Instagram. Follow Neo, Felix, Locke and Trip on Twitch. Follow Neo, Felix, Locke and Trip on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 135: Building a Mystery

EG Presents 134: Dark Souls. It's a Baby, Man.

EG Presents 133: Richard Dean Morgan - The Worst Macgyver

In nerdscrummed episode 133, our guest is Sleeping Flower and San Diego Comicon just happened. Flower tells us about her recent trip to Japan. We catch up on what we're playing and then Neo leads a discussion on San Diego Comicon. We talk about lots of comic television shows, so tread carefully if you've reached a certain level of superhero fatigue, considering the current zeitgeist on television and at the movies. Please follow EG on twitter, twitch and instagram. Follow Felix, Neo, Locke and Trip on Twitch. Follow Felix, Neo, Locke and Trip on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube